Quality Assurance

At our company we take our products and our customers very seriously. When we established our company, we sought to provide the very highest quality Kratom to our many customers around the world. Our quality testing is some of the best in the industry – in fact, our quality assurance testing goes far and beyond what many other Kratom suppliers offer their clients.  In this piece, Sebastian Guthery will explore how, and more importantly WHY, we test our products so rigorously.

Kratom Testing

Kratom is developed from the tropical evergreen plant from Southeast Asia called Mitragyna speciosa Korth. As with any plant material that is shipped from overseas, mold growth is a very serious concern. Every shipment we receive is carefully evaluated for the presence of mold. Since we have imported in excess of 500,000 pounds of Kratom from suppliers and growers in Asia, we have developed the experience needed to evaluate shipments. On average, the company will discard and compost approximately 10% of all shipments that don’t meet our stringent quality control standards.

The presence of mold is only one of many aspects we evaluate in our testing regimen. We also carefully assess mitragynine levels in the plant materials we import. Mitragynine is the active compound in the plants and provides the desired effects. Shipments with low levels of this compound are discarded just as those that exhibit mold growth.

Why Do We Test Our Products So Carefully?

The company set out to provide the highest quality Kratom imports available on the market. We discovered early on that few other importers took the time and the trouble to test their products. In fact, it is rare to find importers, distributors, and online retailers that do ANY testing whatsoever! We don’t operate that way; testing our products is one of many ways we provide superior products and trusted quality to our customers.

There are many reasons why other importers and retailers do not test the products they import. First, many retailers, especially independent retailers or smaller outfits, do not have the specialized equipment or knowledge necessary to do the quality control testing. Personnel qualified to evaluate Kratom can be hard to find as well. Still, other retailers choose not to do any testing prior to sale simply so that they can make a higher profit margin. Why go through expensive and time-consuming testing when you can make a few extra dollars? An important question to ask yourself as a Kratom consumer is this: “Is the low price worth the risks?” We don’t think so, and that’s our primary reason for quality assurance.

Yes, our products are a bit more expensive than products from other vendors. With the testing and evaluation we conduct on each shipment, we believe the extra expense truly ensures that our products are of the highest quality available on today’s Kratom market. We value our many customers, and we believe that they should have access to safe Kratom. We are committed to continuing the quality assurance testing of our products, unlike many other retailers and importers.


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