Who sells kratom?

kratom-k.com best selling products

A company founded by Sebastian Guthery in 2011 sells botanicals. The company primarily focuses on selling kratom and related products.

The company was developed for one simple reason: They believe in the product’s benefits. The passion of kratom & its benefits flows from the top down. Sebastian, the CEO, is a pied piper of the kratom industry. He works with suppliers from around the globe to produce & sell the highest quality kratom products.

The products offered included capsules, powder, extracts, liquids, resins, and more. Listed conveniently on the site, the company gives shoppers a clear idea of the different products and strains they sell.

  • Red vein – typically has a soothing aroma and the most relaxed feel.
  • White vein – typically has a more invigorating aroma with a stimulating feel.
  • Green vein – typically the middle ground between Red and White. In larger quantities it is often relaxing, in smaller quantities, it can be quite invigorating.

Brands featured include Mojo, O.P.M.S, and more. Ingredients are sourced from Bali, Indonesia, Maeng Da and several other kratom hotspots.

Their best-selling products include Green Veined Maeng Da Supreme Capsules, Red Veined Maeng Da Powder, Red Veined Bali Supreme Capsules, and much more.

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